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Spinal Disc Decompression / Sports Injuries

Experience success at relieving your lower back, neck, or radiating pain without surgery.

Have your lower back, neck, or radiating arm and leg pain effectively treated in our office with a non-surgical, modern traction procedure known as spinal decompression therapy.

Many patients have had success in relieving their pain associated with degenerative disc disease, facet joint syndromes, and herniated discs.

This therapy works by decompressing the discs in your spine and the facet joints with traction, distraction, and proper body positioning.

You may be a perfect candidate for decompression therapy.

But first you must speak candidly with our chiropractor who then will be better able to determine if decompression therapy is the right treatment course to take for your ailment. 

Disc decompression therapy allows us to deliver lumbar, cervical, and wrist traction effectively and comfortably. This is definitely the better, more affordable solution to surgery.

Using this approach allows us to deliver cervical, lumbar, and wrist traction on you effectively and comfortably.

Be sure to ask our doctor about it during your visit. Many of our patients who utilize this therapy have experienced very successful results.

You don't need to endure twisting or cracking of the spine to get relief.

Advances in technology have resulted in advances in the way we treat our patients, including pain-free treatments and techniques.

Computerized spinal traction allows us to treat your spine while supplying feedback on how well your body is responding - or not responding - the treatment.

This technology also allows your degenerative or herniated discs to heal without having to resort to surgery. Of course, this treatment may not be available to everyone, so it's best if you speak with our doctor today and ask if this may be one of the options you have.

Delivering cervical, lumbar, and wrist traction to you effectively and comfortably.

Did your big game heroics come with a painful price?

You've scored the winning goal or touchdown, taking your team to victory, but now you're really feeling the aches and pains from your major efforts.

If you are willing to put as much effort into healing your sports-related injuries, then Champlain Chiropractic can help get you back into the game before you know it.

For more advanced cases of sports-related injuries, we achieve this through a range of exercises, activity modification, and treatments customized for your specific injury.  

With a little care now, you'll notice a significant difference in your future.

Are you experiencing pain or fatigue in your extremities?

If you've answered yes to that question, you should consider seeing our doctor here at Champlain Chiropractic. Pain or fatigue in your extremities may be a sign of a more serious injury.

Whether you're suffering from overuse of your muscles due to work, or shoulder pain from throwing the ball hard while out on the playing field, ignoring your symptoms and allowing them to persist without treatment could result in significant harm to your body.

We will tailor the adjustments and exercises needed to meet the unique needs of your injury, which will help get you back to enjoying life to its fullest in no time.

Some of the sports-related injuries we treat are:

  • Hip
  • Neck
  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Shoulder
  • Overuse correction
  • And others
Begin healing your sports injuries with proper care.
Call Champlain Chiropractic today.

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